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Alexander Grimm-

Ah, I sip my coffee with nostalgic eyes and ominous smile. Or something like that. Anyway, let us begin with the name. Grimm carries weight in two senses for me. I, as the brothers before me, am reformed theologically (no conviction runs deeper within me than that of my devotion to Christ). And I, as they, care for the fantastic (or at least how imagination plays a role to man-such as those recorded fairy tales of days deemed ancient). Now I aim to take up the mantle.

I find a sense of wonder in the name, sure, but there is always more to the story. I. e. how did I get here?

Many influences have seen fit to mettle my mind with hard, earth-breaking impact as well as gently sculpt my imagination with aureate, silken fingers.

I thought I could maybe make a list and somehow share life between us. But, whether it was the length or the plain unease when I read it, I wound up trashing it. Its gone and never returning. Originally I wanted to craft a glorious archive, annotated and which would have you lost in intrigue, captured by the what and why of influences in my life. But it was stupid. So I erased it. Any questions, ask. I’d love to hear from you!

Creativity has been at the top of my list of desires my entire life. Actor, artist (sometimes more specifically for cartoons or anime), inventor, musician (though once dreams of grandeur in the life of a “rock star” have turned to more personal acoustic interests), comedian (just not funny on command), computer programmer (I wanted to design games like World of Warcraft or Halo or KOTOR or Fable), explorer (I’d dig in the sandbox to be the first to tunnel through the world to China and I just couldn’t understand why that wasn’t happening already), and writer. There may have been other interests (ministry and counseling for example), but the whole of my life was dominated by the realities imagination drives us to and how that raw potential infects the world.

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